Picture of Brain Power! Challenge Posters Grade 6-9 (5 groups of 6 different posters in 1 set)

A poster set providing visual aids for an interactive science education program for students in grades 6–9. See accompanying curriculum, Brain Power! Challenge Grades 6-9: Science-Based Drug Abuse Information for Students. Topics include the parts of the brain, the nervous system, neurotransmission, withdrawal, alcohol, tobacco, nicotine, prescription drugs, stimulants, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, inhalants, steroids, opioids, club drugs, methamphetamine, THC, HIV, tolerance, compulsion, and addiction science.

Picture of Drugs + Your Body: It Isn’t Pretty (Teaching Guide) Poster

Front: Powerful imagery shows teens and young adults how drugs of abuse damage major organs. A provocative and engaging educational tool.

Back: Four critical-thinking activity worksheets and lesson plans on drugs of abuse: a basic neuroscience lesson on how the brain governs the body; an in-depth look at how different drugs damage various vital organs; an activity using a diagram to explore how abusing drugs can damage relationships; and an exercise on how to read a statistical graph on emergency room visits to show the impact of drugs on society.

Picture of Heads Up: Drugs & The Body - It Isn’t Pretty. Double Sided English and Spanish Poster

A graphic tour of how the body is affected by various drugs of abuse. Includes an annotated “body” poster for your classroom wall along with six skills sheets. One side in English; the other in Spanish.

Marijuana English Single-Sided Poster

Single-sided English poster for teens and young adults. Emphasizes three essential messages about smoking marijuana: it is addictive, it can lead to school failure, and it impairs driving.

Picture of Marijuana: Download the Facts Spanish & English Poster

Double-sided poster for teens and young adults: one side English, one side Spanish. Emphasizes three essential messages about smoking marijuana: it is addictive, it can lead to school failure, and it impairs driving. 

Picture of Prescription Drugs Poster

Raises awareness of the health consequences of improper use of prescription drugs and contrasts it with the benefits of safe and proper prescription drug use.

Picture of Respect Teaching Guide Poster
This guide develops students’ understanding of how respect is key to healthy behaviors and building healthy relationships. Includes a classroom poster, lessons and activities, and work sheets.

Front: Images showing five ways everyone can stand up to bullying. Back: Lesson plans, activities, and worksheets to help students learn how to recognize situations that involve bullying, build awareness about the negative consequences of bullying, including substance use, and build skills needed to help prevent bullying and safely intervene if someone is in trouble.