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Mind Over Matter Kit (Spanish)

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The Spanish Mind Over Matter on Prescription Drugs is ordered separately here.  

(Se ordena el folleto para los medicamientos de prescripción aquí.)

You may order 1 copy of this publication (for a total of 5 different publications per order).*


*Educational institutions with a US mailing address may order up to 30 copies of select publications free of charge, including shipping. National Drug Facts Week registered event holders may order up to 200 copies of select publications free of charge depending on the size of the event. NIDA reserves the right to approve the number of select publications to be shipped for free. 

Publication Date: 
Jan 2006
Esta serie completa fue diseñada para alentar a los muchachos del 5º al 9º grado a que aprendan sobre los efectos del abuso de drogas sobre el cuerpo y el cerebro.
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